Partner Benefits

Each Horizons program is a reflection of its host institution. Horizons programs are an extension of the institution's mission, and support equity, diversity, and inclusion goals of said institution, as well as provide meaningful engagement in student leadership and community involvement.

Horizons National and HNYC will work with your school or institution to customize the way the Horizons program is integrated into your learning community. Horizons programs often adopt school traditions and create their own "homes" on campus. While we provide support and resources along the way, Horizons affiliates are meant to be locally owned and operated to best serve the unique needs of the students in that specific community. 

Partner institutions experience many benefits after joining the Horizons Network, including:

  • Expanded role and visibility in their community
  • Opportunities for alumni, donor, parent, and student engagement
  • Opportunities for educators and faculty from partner institutions and public schools to work together
  • Teacher training opportunities, career development, and creative freedom to build and customize curriculum
  • Long-term sustainability of the Horizons program

Back in 2016, HBK's now Executive Director, Dr. Kamauru Johnson, was the program's reading specialist and wrote this published piece detailing the ways the Horizons program deepens the relationship between a host institution and the surrounding community.