Who We Are


As a regional affiliate of Horizons National, Horizons New York City’s mission is to promote educational equity in the New York metropolitan area by implementing critical summer and out-of-school programs that serve under-resourced communities. We focus on a sustained commitment to our students to ensure that they have opportunities, skills, and confidence to fulfill their potential in both school, and life.


In partnership with our host schools, our program model utilizes social-emotional, experiential learning techniques and time-tested methods to offset summer learning losses and maintain grade-level or above expectations. Beginning with free six-week K – 8 summer enrichment programs, we help students find joy in learning, gain confidence, expand horizons, and develop resilience. Year after year, our students return to engage in programs that include academics, the arts, swimming, field trips, and high school and college prep. A professional staff of teachers, counselors, and social workers develops powerful long-term relationships that serve as an enduring community of support for students and their families. 


Horizons New York City is an affiliate of Horizons National.  The first Horizons program was launched in 1964 and its success in promoting educational equity led to Horizons going National in 1995. Today,
with 72 affiliates in 19 states and D.C., it serves 6,000 students. Recently, regional affiliates been found
effective in coordinating and expanding programs in densely populated areas. With that in mind,
Horizons New York City (HNYC) was created in 2020. In addition to the first Horizons program started in
Brooklyn 15 years ago, HNYC provides support for Horizons programs at St. David’s School, Riverdale
Country School, and Exceed Charter School. Total number of students in HNYC programs in the summer
of 2022 was 450.


All of our students qualify for free or reduced school lunches. In recruiting, we emphasize the value of continued participation in the program and aim for a balance among entering students, with two-thirds
performing below grade level and one-third performing at or above grade level. Based on pre- and post-
testing evaluations, Horizons students typically gain 2 – 3 months in learning by the end of each
summer, allowing them to start the school year at or above grade level and avoid the traditional,
crippling effects of cumulative summer learning losses.