Start a Horizons Affiliate Program!

Becoming a host institution, or affiliate program site, is truly an impactful and incredible way to help change your community. HNYC was established because of the growing need and demand for our programs to invest in, and support, the youth of our vibrant city. We are looking for like-minded educational institutions who are interested in partnering with HNYC to establish a program, and continue advancing education equity.

HNYC partner schools are ideally independent schools, institutions of higher education, or charter schools interested in community development and service-based learning. Each HNYC school partner donates in-kind space and select administrative support to assist with operating our robust six-week summer program that mutually benefits current students, and students from the surrounding community. Each host institution, with support of HNYC, also establishes its own unique advisory board committees and program team to steward the program.

A Horizons program will be a good fit for your institution if you have:

  • Open campus space over the summer
  • A school community interested in supporting out-of-school and extended learning
  • An institutional Board of Directors (or equivalent body) interested in supporting their greater community
  • An advocate within the institution to lead the exploratory process
  • Stakeholders and donors who would like to see the institution reach beyond its walls

Please contact our Executive Director, Macy Stockton at if you believe Horizons would be a great addition to your school!